Local nonprofit organizations serve specific niche markets in their communities, many of which are underserved markets not reached through conventional distribution channels. By partnering with nonprofits, MegaLight is able to effectively reach these underserved markets. Energy-efficient lighting products, supported by local partners, are provided to nonprofit at deeply discounted rates. The nonprofit organization then distributes these lighting products to their clientele for use in their homes.

MegaLight Inc. works with nonprofit organizations to develop community-focused campaigns to raise awareness of energy conservation through community outreach, special events, and fundraising. With the assistance of the local partner, the nonprofits are able to sell energy efficient lighting products to their clientele at discounted prices and retain the money raised to provide additional community-based services.

MegaLight Inc. develops targeted marketing materials and trains the nonprofit staff on energy conservation methods and energy efficient lighting products. The marketing materials distributed with the lighting products focus on energy conservation, educating the nonprofit clientele about efficient lighting products, and how the event partner is helping implement energy saving programs in the region.

Megalight Inc. is driven by a strong sense of social responsibility and is eager to work with diverse communities to promote increased use of ENERGY STAR® compliant energy saving lighting products.

For more information about MegaLight Inc. lighting programs, please contact: (330) 650-0008 ext: 600.