The New MegaLight LED T8 Panel


MegaLight is proud to announce the introduction of their new LED T8 Panel Light. These new LED panels replace current fluorescent panels, use up to 80% less energy compared to typical fluorescent options, and require less maintenance due to their incredible 50,000-hour lifespan. (See product specifications in Table 1.)

The MegaLight LED T8 panel is available in 1X4, 2X2, 2X4 sizes. 0-10V dimmable and non-dimmable versions are also available. Two installation options allow for the replacement of traditional fluorescent lights embedded into ceilings or suspended with hanging wires. With so many options, an ultra slim profile, and an environmentally-friendly, Mercury-free composition, the MegaLight LED T8 panel fits seamlessly into any location.

Dillon Jiang, MegaLight President, said, “This DLC Premium Certified LED panel light is the first of its kind to achieve 127 lumens per watt. It sets a new standard in the commercial and industrial lighting field. Megalight is proud to be one of the first companies to make this outstanding product available to customers.”

Fluorescent panel lighting is one of the most common types of lighting used in commercial and residential settings worldwide, including offices, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. In the United States, an estimated seven billion square feet of office space is lit by traditional fluorescent lighting (IBIS 33512), which presents a huge opportunity for energy and costs savings. Replacing current fluorescent lighting with TLED panels globally could result in billions of dollars in energy savings.

In a single home or business, those dollars saved can make a huge impact. Over the course of a year, switching to the MegaLight T8 panel can save an estimated $4,500 in annual costs. That’s a lifetime savings of $46,171. (See Table 2 for full comparison.)

MegaLight, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributer of energy-efficient lighting products headquartered in Hudson, OH since 1999. With 24 EnergyStar rated products and a variety of certifications from UL, DesignLights Consortium, ETL Intertek, and the FCC, MegaLight is an industry leader in environmentally, socially, and fiscally-responsible lighting. For more information on MegaLight and its products visit or call toll-free at 1-800-957-1797.


Table 1: Technical Specifications

Product Code LPNL04840HL
Power 48W±5%
Voltage 100-277VAC
Lumen Output 6048 lm±5%
Lumen Eff. 126 LM/W
CRI >80 Ra
CCT 4000K
Lifetime 50000hrs
Dimension 600x1210x12.5mm


Table 2: MegaLight T8 Panel v. Typical Fluorescent

100 Fixtures Replaced/12 Hours Per Day MegaLight Fluorescent
Watts Consumed Per Bulb 48 Watts 128 Watts
Lifetime Per Bulb 50,000 Hours 8,000 Hours
Warranty 3 Years 1 Year
Maintenance Costs Per Year $0.00 $654.81
Electricity Cost Per Year $2,312.64 $6,167.04
Lifetime Costs $32,900.00 $79,071.00
Annual Savings $4,509.21
Lifetime Savings (ROI) $46,171.00

The New MegaLight LED T8 Tube

August 4, 2015

Hudson, OH  44236 – Today MegaLight announced the introduction of their new LED T8 bulb. The new LED tube lamps (TLEDs) replace current fluorescent tubes, use up to 40 percent less energy compared to fluorescent tube lighting, and require less maintenance due to their long life. (See product specifications in Table 1.)

The MegaLight LED T8 replacement tube requires no re-wiring of current lighting fixtures. The innovative design of the TLEDs ensures compatibility with existing electronic and magnetic ballasts and sockets. The result is a dramatic reduction in the time it takes to change from fluorescent to TLED lighting – just a matter of seconds per fixture.

Jack Pan, MegaLight Director of Operations, said, “Using the new LED T8 tube does not require any special knowledge or tools. You simply replace the old fluorescent tube with a new TLED tube.”

Linear fluorescent tube lighting is one of the most common types of lighting used in stores, office buildings, and industrial spaces worldwide. In the United States, the estimated square footage of office space lighted by linear fluorescent tubes is 7.4 billion square feet (IBIS 33512), which presents a huge opportunity for energy and costs savings. Replacing the current fluorescent lighting with TLED lamps globally could result in savings of over 55 billion dollars in energy costs.

Advantages of the LED T8 Tube, beyond the 40% energy savings, the bulbs work with or without a ballast, have better tube transparence, they provide a wide beam angle – 240 degrees, and they are mercury free.

For more information about the LED T8 Tube please contact us.

Table 1 – LED T8 Tube

Product Code LT801840ID
Watts 18
Efficiency 117 lm/W
Color Temperature 4000
Lumens 2100
CRI 82
Base G13
Power Factor 0.9
Input Voltage AC90 – 277V
Length 48.9”  (1198mm)
Diameter 1.14 “  (28mm)
Dimmable No
Rated Life hours Average Rated Life: 50,000 hrs.

MegaLight’s New 92 CRI LED


MegaLight is Proud to Announce the Technologically Advanced A-19 LED

The new lamp, the MegaLight A-19 LED, is the first of its kind in the United States. Through the introduction of the new MegaLight Lamp, highly efficient industry leading technology becomes affordable!

The new A-19 LED bulb is not only highly cost effective and energy efficient; it also produces the best quality of light. At 92 CRI (Color Rendering Index) the MegaLight A-19 LED ranks highest among industry standards – producing full, vibrant color in your home.


The MegaLight A-19 LED bulb provides extraordinarily long life, remarkable energy savings, stunning light, quality construction, and no mercury!  The A-19 lasts 25 times longer than a typical incandescent bulb, is omni-directional, and dimmable!

The A-19 LED Lamp is a 14 watt bulb (60 watt equivalent); a great choice for lighting living rooms, dens, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and more. Similar in size to an incandescent bulb, the MegaLight A-19 LED is ENERGY STAR® rated and provides significant savings, up to $128, over its 25,000 hour rated life – a savings of up to 77% compared to incandescent bulbs.

High Efficiency with Superior Light Quality!     
Save Energy! Save Money!

MegaLight is very excited to introduce the latest in CFL technology…The Mini CFL Spiral.

Our new mini CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) spirals are a great addition to our vast CFL line. The mini CFL spiral, also known as our T2, has a more compact size then the traditional CFL spirals and still fit in a standard lamp socket. The big advantage to the new mini CFL spiral is not only the smaller size, but it also has more lumen output which means a brighter light. We are proud to say that the new mini CFL spirals come in three wattages: 13 watt(65 watt equivalent), 18 watt (75 watt equivalent), 23 watt (100 watt equivalent) and three color temperatures: 2,700K (soft white), 4,100K (cool white), 6,000K (day light). The mini CFL spirals are long lasting and ENERGY STAR® approved!