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Smart and safe, the Smart Savings Kit is designed with your home in mind. Complete with high-technology products to save on your energy bill, as well as sanitize and charge your mobile phone. Includes FDA approved hand sanitizing gel.

The kit includes:

  • (1) Mobile Phone Wireless Charging Sterilizing Box
  • (1) Advanced Power Strip
  • (2) LED A19 bulbs
  • (1) KillGerm Hand Sanitizer
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    • Mobile Phone Wireless Charging Sterilizing Box
    • Advanced Power Strip — 7-outlet 1080 Joules 120VAC
    • LED A19 bulb —  3000k
    • 500ml KillGerm Hand Sanitizer – 70% Alcohol-based

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 3 in

12 reviews for SMART SAVINGS KIT

  1. Megan (verified owner)

    Everything arrived in a timely manner and I could not wait to try everything. You get so many amazing items that are in the box and the smart technology on the products are on point by saving energy. I’ve been using the phone sanitizer every single day and I can’t tell you how confident it makes me feel by killing the bacteria on my phone. Love everything!

  2. Debbie (verified owner)

    Items came very quickly and nothing was missing, everything was new and in good packaging. I was excited about the phone sanitation with UV light, great to own something like this. Also really like the power strip, they have two outlets for continual use, 1 for master device use, and the rest for energy saving. If you want a kit that values being green and clean, this is a great choice

  3. Karren Kandel (verified owner)

    This kit is fantastic! Following the year we have all experienced, I would recommend this kit for yourself, friends and family! Way to go Megalight!💡

  4. Doug Miller (verified owner)

    The order arrived very quickly. The combination box contains many useful items. The light bulbs are great and can last over 20 years with average use. The power strip is an energy saver as well and has unique features that I hadn’t seen on other strips. What I really wanted to try was the phone sanitizer, as I admit I do not clean my phone like i should. It is very easy to use, plus I was very pleased to be able to fit my CPAP mask in there as well. Hopefully, this will highly reduce the amount of sinus infections that I used to get from wearing the mask. I’ve previously considered buying a UV sanitizer before for the mask, but those cost upwards of $200, so this was a very value with multiple uses. Oh, and who doesn’t need a big bottle of hand sanitizer too? Overall, great products at a very nice price.

  5. Andre S Justice (verified owner)

    I love this kit! The sterilizing charger works well, and so needed in these uncertain times. The hand sanitizer leaves your hands feeling fresh and clean. The bulbs are super bright but somehow not blinding, and the powerstrip is very helpful. Would definitely recommend this kit for everyone!

  6. Lauren LeBlanc (verified owner)

    I was so excited when my megalight box arrived! First off, the box was very cool and it was such fun and bright packaging. Everything arrived as promised and looks very high-quality. I originally got the kit first for the very cool phone sanitizer, that I’ve heard a lot about. I live in a small condo and try to be as energy efficient as possible, so I also was hype for the lightbulbs to swap out in my place and the power cord for all my electronics. Since working from home full-time during COVID, I use SO much more energy, and these quick fixes will be game changers. It was totally worth the price, just ordered one for my mom and sister too!

  7. Gene White (verified owner)

    My experience of ordering this kit online was that the navigation, ordering the product, follow-up shipping messages were all right on que! When I was received the kit, the products were packed and organized in a very efficient manner.

    The products all look to be built as quality items, of course more use will need to occur to test the longevity of functionality. So far, so good.

    The phone/disinfection box works as described in the instructions. I wish it came in black! The only other suggestion would be to decrease the sanitation time down from 18 minutes. I think most people will find this time frame to disinfection like an eternity, even though I believe covid is being spread in-part by us touching our phones and putting them up to our faces.

    I really like the power strip and will apply it to be used in one of several different types of applications here at my home. This is really a good idea to save energy, especially for those items that do not need to be powered on in the background.

    The light bulbs are fine and true to color. The 5000K (9 watts) is truly daylight color and the 3000K (8 watts) is of course a warmer tone. While the 3000K bulb is acceptable, I’d like to see a slightly warmer 2700K version too. Just my preference. If these bulbs last as long as the box states; 22.8 years (3 hours use per day), these will be a great value. Plus, being extremely low watts use (9 & 8 watts) compared to my current fluorescent bulbs of 23 watts for roughly the same number of lumens will certainly save energy over time.

    The hand sanitizer fits into my cup holder in my truck which is where it will stay for the time being. Since it is 70% ethanol it will not freeze and will be ready when I get into my truck for that all important hand, key, and touch point (like steering wheel and door handle) disinfection period. I really love the fact that it has no flowery scent added. Some other brands smell terrible and linger sticky on your hands. Plus, I tested its taste and it’s almost imperceptible to my taste receptors and not foul at all. While I don’t recommend licking your fingers after being in a place other than your home, this is a consideration when eating fast foods, or other snack foods in your vehicle where no water exists to fully wash your hands.

    Thank you MegaLight for something different to try!

  8. Grace H. (verified owner)

    We are very pleased with our smart savings kit! All of the items came as described and we’ve already put them to use. The wireless charging station for the phone is a life saver and it’s been great to finally have an easy way to sanitize our phones after a long day out in the world. We’ve used MegaLight products in the past and they never disappoint – this kit is no different.

  9. Rebecca F Kale (verified owner)

    I wanted this kit mostly so I could try out the phone sanitizer. What a great item–it works exactly as I expected plus my phone was getting charged at the same time!!

    The other items in the kit are great too! Can you really ever have too much hand sanitizer or too many nice power strips? Everything was packaged so nicely in a nice sturdy box and all the packaging is recyclable.

    I feel like I did get a good value for the price!!

  10. Deborah Hershey (verified owner)

    This is a great assortment of items, and a good buy, given the value of the contents. I had been looking for a phone sanitizer/charger and this one works quite well. Everything was packaged well & my order arrived very quickly. Thank you for a wonderful product.

  11. Lula Malone (verified owner)

    This kit is awesome! I love the hand sanitize – it didn’t leave my hands feeling sticky. I am so glad megalight had this off. I love the charger too. 😍

  12. leola may (verified owner)

    I received my smart savings kit a few days after I ordered it. I am very pleased with all the contents that was inside my kit. I especially liked & needed the power strip however I’m really enjoying mobile charger. Kevin Davis was a blessing with providing me with the information regarding my kit. I would like to say thanks & highly recommend others in getting a smart saving kit

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