Many retail stores serve the customers that can benefit most from energy efficient lighting. This is why MegaLight facilitates energy saving programs to reach customers at independent retailers. In partnership with local companies, MegaLight helps independent retailers replace their current inventory of inefficient, outdated products with the newest, state-of-the-art lighting.

We have learned that small changes in price can have a big impact on the buyer’s choice. Well-designed incentive programs provided by our partners result in targeted lighting prices and market transformation. MegaLight has the industry experience to implement effective incentive programs that deliver the latest technology to customers affordably.

A portfolio approach is used to develop each retail program. MegaLight conducts research to determine the appropriate incentives based on consumer lighting preferences. Targeted marketing materials, efficient lighting choices, and consumer education materials are developed specifically for each retail market.

For more information about our Retail Partner opportunities, please call: (330) 650-0008 ext: 600.