MegaLight works with independently-owned retailers across the United States to supply LED lighting products through Upstream Lighting Programs. Thanks to our partnership with utility incentive programs, we supply LED products at a discounted price for store consumers. We work with local hardware stores, family groceries, consignment shops and other community oriented retailers.

Community Events

MegaLight engages in dialogue with communities about the importance of energy conservation. We team up with community events and expos to set up education booths for one-on-one conversations about energy efficiency. At events, we distribute learning material on LED technology and Energy Star®, LED bulb packages, and advanced power strips.   

We believe that it is important for energy efficient products to be available for everyone. Positive change in community begins with everyone having equal access to education and advantages no matter who they are or where they come from. Our work in events makes this possible in the realm of energy conservation.

Available Products

MegaLight lamps have earned the EPA-approved Energy Star rating. This means that they are certified to be exceptionally efficient and environmentally friendly. The light bulb packages vary among the zip code and utility program. The type of product in the package is based on the needs of the community that is determined on the research conducted by the utility.

LEDsRemarkProduct CodeRated PowerColor Temp LumensCertificates
A19A 19LA1900930OHL9W3000K810
A19A 19LA1900930OHLN9.5W3000K810
A19A 21LA2101730OHL17W3000K1600
RBR 20LBR20007307W3000K525
BR30BR 30LBR300103010.5W3000K850
led_br40_smooth_rgbBR 40LBR400133013W3000K1100
PAR 20PAR 20LPAR20007307W3000K540
PAR 30PAR 30LPAR300113011W3000K900
PAR 38PAR 38LPAR380133013W3000K1050
MR 16MR16LMR16006306.5W3000K450
MR 16MR16LMR16006506.5W5000K450


What does MegaLight provide with this program?

We offer a variety of energy-efficient light bulb packages to select independent retailers to display our product in-store at a discounted price. The retailer will be able to earn maximum profit.

What do I have to do to be qualified for the program?

First, your store has to receive energy from the utility company with whom we are partnered. Make sure to check your energy bill to confirm!

You will also need to fill out a Program Participation Form, where you fill out a brief survey for the utility company and provide us your retail’s name, address, and contact information.

What are my responsibilities if I take part in this program?

  • The MegaLight product you receive must be placed on an in-store display and sold at the discounted retail price determined by the utility company
  • You also must provide a sales report by the 25th of each month through Online Sales Portal (username and password provided for you) on our website. We need to keep track of how many of our product you sell per month

If I have a different electric provider, can I still participate in the program?

To participate in the Upstream Lighting Program, your location must be serviced by our partnering electric provider. For stores still wanting to receive our products, we do provide an alternative retailer program.

I already work with another Trade Ally in an Upstream Lighting Program. Can I still work with MegaLight?

Yes! There is no mutual exclusivity in Upstream Lighting Programs.