Well designed and well managed lighting programs play a significant role in reducing residential energy use. MegaLight develops lighting programs that are designed to engage consumers in a dialogue about energy conservation and lighting efficiency and guide them to a personalized path of energy savings.

MegaLight employs innovative industry knowledge, the newest technology, insightful market research, and creative marketing techniques to design lighting programs that promote energy-efficient lighting products and energy conservation.

MegaLight partners with retailers, local events, and nonprofits to access underserved consumer markets. A portfolio approach is used to develop each program. MegaLight conducts research to determine the appropriate incentives based on consumer lighting preferences. Targeted marketing materials, efficient lighting choices, and consumer education outreach materials are developed specifically for each program and market.

MegaLight implements a complete program that includes product delivery, branded marketing materials, event and retail staff training, data collection, and incentive processing. Through this personal approach MegaLight partners distributed nearly two million Energy Star rated lighting products in 2014. The lighting products were installed in consumer residences helping to reduce residential energy use.

For more information about MegaLight lighting programs please contact: MegaLight Inc. 800-957-1797

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