MegaLight Inc. works with local partners to establish high-profile booths at selected community events through which educational materials and energy efficient lighting products are distributed to residential consumers. The materials distributed at the events focus on the benefits of energy-efficient lighting products, educating the consumer about energy conservation, and how the event partner is helping implement energy saving programs in the community.

Direct communication – talking one-on-one with residential lighting consumers – has proven to be exceptionally effective in reaching niche markets. Festivals, Cultural Events, and Local Expos provide the opportunity to engage consumers in conversations about energy efficient lighting products and energy savings.

Lighting is one of the most cost-effective measures when it comes to energy efficiency. Many underserved and emerging markets have limited options when it comes to lighting products. The products available to these consumers are costly and inefficient. Bringing technologically-superior and energy-efficient products to these underserved markets is a Megalight Inc. priority. This is not only driven by market need, but also by Megalight Inc’s strong sense of social responsibility. Megalight Inc. is eager to work with diverse communities to promote increased use of ENERGY STAR® compliant energy saving lighting products.

For more information about MegaLight Inc. event incentive programs, please call: (330) 650-0008 ext: 600.