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MegaLight Extreme Energy Efficiency

SINCE 1999 MegaLight has been designing, manufacturing and providing high performance lighting products and installation services directly to commercial & industrial customers with no middleman markups.

AC POWERED LED LIGHTING – MegaLight designs and installs State of the Art alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) powered LED Lighting Systems for commercial and industrial customers. MegaLight lighting engineers specify LED products that use high quality commercial components and the latest LED chip technology.

EXTREME EFFICIENCY LED lighting is most cost effective and energy efficient when powered by direct current (DC) because  consumption kWh and kW demand are both substantially reduced. These low voltage LED lighting systems can also be powered by other DC based alternative energy sources like solar and wind.  

VOLTAGE RECOVERY is a major byproduct when switching alternating current (AC) lighting to low voltage LED lighting powered by direct current (DC). This is particularly true for MegaLight industrial customers who recover Mega Watts of power wasted overhead on AC lighting and redistribute that power it to other revenue producing AC loads.

LED WIRELESS NETWORKING LED lighting has transformed wireless networking as LED visible light transmits data to robotics, CNC machines, desktop computers and other devises by modulating light at invisible wavelength. LED wireless data communications known as Light Fidelity (LiFi) has major advantages over WiFi, including 100x the data rate with unmatched cyber-security and no radio interference and bandwidth constraints.

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