MegaLight™ LED Case History:

LED Bulbs for the St. Clement’s Church and Parish Center, Saratoga Springs, New York


Holy cow! St. Clements Got one heavenly rebate!

The trouble with incandescent light bulb technology is, they burn too much electricity, they burn too hot, and they burn out too quickly. It was this last failing incandescent bulb that finally decided both the Pastor and the Administrator at St. Clement’s Roman Catholic Church to make the switch to LED lighting.

“We were using too many bulbs — both incandescent light bulbs and CFL bulbs and changing bulbs was a procedure we didn’t like to do,” said Don Garrant, St. Clements Administrator. “We had to put ladders up to reach them. It was just too much maintenance.”

The solution, of course, was long-lasting LED lighting, but there was another problem. The lighting fixtures at St. Clements were just 20 years old. How could they afford to make the switch to LED lighting on their lean budget? In 2016, the MegaLight™ team helped St. Clement’s find an affordable answer.

Solution: 300 screw-in, A-19 LED lamps and a budget-saving rebate.

Let’s discuss the rebate first, because it made the change in lighting technology possible for St. Clements. First the MegaLight™ team pursued rebates aggressively and worked hard to make sure all requirements were met to maximize rebate amounts. Second, MegaLight™ applies rebates up-front in the installation process — which means that customers like St. Clements can afford to make the investment.

St. Clement’s pastor, Father George Blasick, picks up the story: “ MegaLight™ and the support of our utility company’s rebate program enabled our church to replace all our screw bottom bulbs with LED lighting at an extremely affordable cost. I want to thank you for making ‘what sounds too good to be true’ a reality for us.”

The 300 MegaLight A19 LED lamps installed in the church and parish center have an average rated lifespan of 50,000 hours. They will significantly reduce the need for light bulb maintenance and replacement — and they are 85% more energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs!

I want to thank you for making ‘what sounds too good to be true’ a reality for us.

Father George Blasick

All in all, a great experience.

Bulb maintenance at St. Clements has been reduced to near zero and while the 3000k dimmable LED lamps shine brighter than the old incandescent light bulbs, the church members have adjusted well.

Church administrator Don Garrant is a satisfied customer: “The MegaLight™ service was great. Your team went out of its way to get us the right LED lighting and the rebates we needed.”

Looking forward, St. Clements still has 60 four-foot fluorescent lighting fixtures in the Parish Center that will soon need replacing. And, according to Pastor Blasick, MegaLight™ is the front-runner: “We are looking forward to a fixture program which will enable us to replace our fluorescent lights with LED lighting fixtures. I will recommend MegaLight™ when this program is presented.”