MegaLight™ Case Study:

Darlington County Habitat for Humanity improved the lighting of their office and retail space and experienced reduced power consumption and energy costs


Mark Haenchen is the Executive Director of the Darlington County Habitat for Humanity in South Carolina. As a Executive Director, Mark runs the non-profit’s home construction center, rehabilitation program, and the Habitat retail store. Having recently replaced the ReStore’s T12 fluorescents with T8s as part of an energy efficiency program, he was skeptical about LEDs — specifically about whether the technology was ready for prime time in the Habitat’s office and retail facilities space.

MegaLight™ Account Management Team changed his mind. “They demoed the product, and I loved what I saw,” says Mark. “I liked the brightness and the fact that they were dimmable, too. Frankly, the product sold itself.”

The MegaLightteam also showed Mark the numbers on how new LED fixtures would pay for  themselves very quickly, thanks to energy savings and a great rebate program from Duke Energy. The breakeven point would be a matter of weeks, not months or years. “It was a no-brainer,” says Mark. “I talked to my board about it, and they agreed. It didn’t matter what we had done with the T8s a couple years ago … let’s do LEDs was the decision.”

Solution: 72 MegaLight™ 2×4 LED Panels.

In March of 2017, MegaLightTM installed 72 2X4 LED panels in Habitat’s ReStore and office facilities. Compared to the old T8s, the LED panels will reduce power consumption and cost by up to 30-50% from the KWH saved. MegaLightpanels are designed with quality components that match the requirements of the LEDs, we can project a long ‘low or no’ maintenance lifetime of 50,000 hours—which translates into about 21 years for the hardworking people at the Restore.

Better light output, better aesthetics, lower costs.

Mark Haenchen is pleased with his decision, and he’s not the only one. “Habitat employees love them. There’s better light output, a brighter feel. In the store, the LED light makes it easier to judge color than old fluorescents. Office staff likes them, too.”

The color temperature of the new lighting is rated at 4000K, or neutral white. This is ideal for both office work and the retail environment. “The whole place looks brighter. The ReStore is more attractive and inviting to our shoppers.”

How about energy savings? Since lighting is a relatively small part of an electric bill dominated by air conditioning costs, it’s difficult to dig LED related savings out of the data. But Mr. Haenchen believes the projected paper savings are not too far off the mark. “I believe it was a 100% worthwhile investment as they are saving on average $220.00 per month since the lighting upgrade. We’ve had a quick payback and significant energy savings.”

The whole place looks brighter, the ReStore is more attractive and inviting to our shoppers.

Mark Haenchen, Executive Director

Top marks for service and installation.

Mark will also tell you that the installation process was smooth and simple. “Because we’re a non-profit, I felt comfortable calling the local tech school. A crew of students came over and installed the lights for us without a hitch.”

And the technology has performed flawlessly. “There have been no quality issues at all,” says Mark. “Everyone of our fixtures worked right.” He continues: “I give MegaLight™ top marks for great service and a great product. I would highly recommend MegaLight™ LED lighting to other Habitat affiliates.”