MegaLight™ LED Case History: Warehouse & Office Lighting

Arkansas Wood Doors, Inc., Pottsville, Arkansas


As President of Arkansas Wood Doors (AWD), John Allan likes to keep himself and his company at least one or two steps ahead of the game. That’s why, in 2015, he invested in ground-breaking CNC wood cutting technology that assures perfection and economy in AWD’s ready to assemble cabinetry line.

And that’s why, in the spring of 2017, he decided to replace his old office and warehouse illumination with the lighting technology of the future — an energy-efficient, long-lifespan, low maintenance LED system.

MegaLight’s Account Management Team showed him how he could:

  • Cut lighting-related energy costs by 43% every month
  • Provide his office and warehouse workers with brighter, better light,
  • Reduce lighting maintenance to near zero for up to 15 years.

Solution: MegaLight™ LED Panels.

MegaLight installed 46 units of the 2 X 4 LED panels in the AWD warehouse and 12 units in the administrative offices. Compared to the former fixtures, LED panels will reduce power consumption and cost by 26% in the office and 73% in the warehouse.

Since the branded drivers in MegaLightpanels are designed with quality components that match the requirements of the LEDs, we can project a long lifetime of 50,000 hours—which translates into about 15 years for the folks at AWD.

Employees like the increased visibility, there’s just a lot more light.

John Allan, President of Arkansas Wood Doors (AWD)

“I call that a great investment.”

John Allan is happy with his decision. “If the results match the projections—if the panels give us the projected 10 to 15 years of maintenance-free service—I call that a great investment.”

Any improvements in functionality or aesthetics? “Employees like the increased visibility. There’s just a lot more light.” The color temperature of the new lighting is rated at 4000K, or neutral white, which is great for office work and manufacturing.

“I’d recommend MegaLight.”

That’s Mr. Allan’s considered opinion, and it’s based not just on the technology, but also on his experience with the installation.

“The MegaLight™ evaluation performed before the installation was well-done and well-presented. But I’m happy to say that you also used great installers. When little difficulties presented themselves—like how to suspend the panels in the absence of a dropped ceiling—your team solved them.”

Bottom line: “Whenever we ran into issues, your people fixed them. And that made it a good experience. I’d recommend MegaLight.”

Whenever we ran into issues, your people fixed them, and that made it a good experience.

John Allan, President of Arkansas Wood Doors (AWD)