Some companies make designer watches. Others make top brand smartphones. We make high-performance light bulbs.

Now, hear us out.

Since 1999, MegaLight has made advanced lighting products. No, they aren’t the ones inside nostalgic light-up sneakers, or the flashing neon signs on trendy café windows. Our light bulbs are for the nightstand lamp that you turn on to read your child’s bedtime story. Or for your office when you and your colleagues dive into work and your cup of morning joe wasn’t enough. From lamps to tubes to floods, MegaLight products shine light on what’s most important—you.

Not only do MegaLight products illuminate, but they also invigorate. Our products have a lifetime of 50,000 hours and maximizes productivity for you and your colleagues. No more migraines from flickering fixtures, no more stumbling through the dimness—MegaLight LEDs bring their A game so that you have the freedom to bring yours.

Our lighting products aren’t necessarily fashionable or luxurious, but they are so much more. When you flip the switch you shouldn’t worry about stinging eyes, headaches, or bumping your shin against a cabinet. We specialize in energy-saving lighting products that serve a wide array of needs and environments, but above all our lights make you comfortable. Whether you’re hard at work or relaxing on your sofa, with MegaLight every room you walk in will feel like home.


  • We manufacture, market, and sell energy-saving LED lighting products for commercial and residential use. We continue to push the needle forward in improving our products in efficiency rates, energy consumption, life expectancy, and lumen output
  • We are a supplier of high-quality lighting products to retailers big and small, including independent retailers and non-profits
  • We are a retrofit lighting solutions provider and can perform installations of our lighting fixtures in your facility complete with lighting audits and savings calculations to fit your needs
  • We are a utility-approved Trade Ally and a participant of energy-saving lighting programs to advance the use of LED technology over outdated technology and provide superior lighting solutions to match the customer’s needs


Our vision is to innovate advanced lighting technology at the best value for our customers.

Whether we are researching and maximizing retrofit rebates or partnering with community stores to supply high-quality LED light bulbs, MegaLight makes energy-saving lighting as accessible as possible. We make saving money on utility bills and lighting an opportunity for everyone. We are committed to serving diverse communities across the United States by upholding our core values:

         1. High Performance Products

We are committed to constantly improving the technology of our LED products to maximize efficiency–the most amount of lumens produced by the least amount of watts consumed. The less energy used to power a long-lasting light, the less greenhouse gases emitted from power plants. Our LED products also have a longer lifespan, which reduces the waste of used bulbs being replaced.

2. Direct Customer Relationship

As a manufacturer and a business partner, we put customer relationships first. Our priority is to satisfy our customers’ needs and maintain direct communication with the people using our lights in retrofits.

        3. A Creative Lighting Business

MegaLight finds new ways to introduce LED lighting to communities. We strive to become a leader in the smart lighting industry by the way we connect and partner with consumers and utilities.