Since 1999 Megalight has been helping businesses, organizations and consumers make the transition to LED lighting.

We not only produce high performance LED bulbs, but also provide fixtures, consulting services, installation and more.

A Complete Range of LED Products – An Unmatched Level of LED Consulting Services

  • We manufacture, market, and sell energy-saving LED lighting products for commercial and residential use. We continue to push the boundaries of our products in efficiency rates, energy consumption, life expectancy, and lumen output.
  • We provide turnkey lighting solutions for businesses, educational facilities, healthcare facilities and more beginning with onsite audits of existing lighting systems and fixtures through project procurement, installation and performance testing.
  • We are a supplier of high-quality lighting products to retailers big and small, including independent retailers and non-profits.
  • We are a retrofit lighting solutions provider and can perform installations of our lighting fixtures in your facility complete with lighting audits and savings calculations to fit your needs
  • We are a utility-approved Trade Ally and a participant of energy-saving lighting programs to advance the use of LED technology over outdated technology and provide superiorlighting solutions to match the customer’s needs.

We Believe in a Bright Future for LED Lighting

Innovation. Value. Performance. We pursue these every day for our LED lighting customers large and small.

We are committed to serving businesses, organizations and consumers across the United States by upholding our core values:

1. The Development of High Performance LED Lighting Systems

We are committed to constantly improving the technology of our LED products to maximize efficiency–the most amount of lumens produced by the least amount of watts consumed. The less energy used to power a long-lasting light, the less greenhouse gases emitted from power plants. Our LED products also have a longer lifespan, which reduces the waste of used bulbs being replaced.

2. Industry-Leading Services and Commitment to Our LED Customers

As a manufacturer and a business partner, we put customer relationships first. Our priority is to satisfy our customers’ needs and provide ongoing communication and support after the installation.

3. Bringing Technology and Creativity to LED Lighting.

MegaLight finds new ways to introduce LED lighting to communities, organizations and businesses. We strive to become a leader in the smart lighting industry by the way we connect and partner with consumers and utilities.

It’s Time To Start Saving – The Time For LED Has Never Been Better!

With LED performance increasing, price dropping and ROI paybacks getting quicker, facility decision makers in all market sectors like corporate, schools, healthcare, worship, manufacturing, and warehouse know the time is now to replace aging legacy lighting systems with New LED Technology.

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