How would you know which lighting product is the most energy efficient? What bulb is the most environmentally friendly? Which fixture is the most trustworthy? We all want lights that have the most positive and effective impact but we don’t always have the time to research each product. And sometimes that sort of information is difficult to look for on the packaging in the short amount of time that you have in a busy day.

Luckily, organizations like Energy Star®and DesignLight Consortium make it easier and quicker for you to determine the most efficient lights. Both organizations independently certify lighting products that perform at high efficiency and energy conservation. Energy Star® is focused on consumer lighting and is backed by the US Environmental Protection Agency, whereas DLC is a commercial lighting-focused non-profit organization. This allows them a third-party objectivity and to focus on the most important aspect of a lighting product: its productivity.

Our residential light bulbs are Energy Star® certified, and our lighting fixtures are DLC certified; this mean that you can trust our products to save you money on your energy bill as well as reduce your footprint on the environment. On top of that, our panels and high bays are DLC Premium, a rating earned when products achieve an even higher level of lumen efficacy (lumens produced per watt used) and are compatible with lighting controls. Not only does that mean that our lighting fixtures have higher savings on your energy bill, but many retrofit incentive programs offer higher rebates when you switch out your old and inefficient fixtures with a DLC Premium product.

So the next time you go browsing for  bulbs or panels, keep an eye out for those certifications, whose logo should appear on the product packaging or label. Knowing to look out for Energy Star® or DLC ratings and what it is they indicate can save you time and money.