MegaLight is very excited to introduce the latest in CFL technology…The Mini CFL Spiral.

Our new mini CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) spirals are a great addition to our vast CFL line. The mini CFL spiral, also known as our T2, has a more compact size then the traditional CFL spirals and still fit in a standard lamp socket. The big advantage to the new mini CFL spiral is not only the smaller size, but it also has more lumen output which means a brighter light. We are proud to say that the new mini CFL spirals come in three wattages: 13 watt(65 watt equivalent), 18 watt (75 watt equivalent), 23 watt (100 watt equivalent) and three color temperatures: 2,700K (soft white), 4,100K (cool white), 6,000K (day light). The mini CFL spirals are long lasting and ENERGY STAR® approved!